Thursday, December 18, 2014


24 Hours, 7 minutes, and 51 seconds in the Tomb of Horrors.
6 Dungeon Masters.
28 characters slain.
7, most kills, tied by Eric and Nick
14 hours and 38 minutes, single longest running character, Immeral played by Bobby.

But the most important number of all,


raised for Extra Life and the Children's Miracle Network. 

That's absolutely amazing!

Thank you all so much! We will DEFINITELY be doing another event next year. We will have some early details for you by Spring. Stay tuned!

With Acererak finally destroyed and no longer troubling Greyhawk, the children were freed by the final six heroes, and peace was restored.

Those without homes were taken to the keep granted by the Fates, and raised by retired and kindly old adventurers.

It would seem the people of Greyhawk could rest easy about their children...for now.