Monday, December 5, 2016

Of Boonery and Banery

We're pleased to reveal the tables for this year's Boons and Banes—check them out! This year for the Banes, there's fewer monsters and more pain. Monsters tend to bog things down, so we've made sure the tables this year are full of quick, nasty surprises for our players so the game keeps moving. Boons have also been streamlined to keep up momentum, and most of the helpful creatures or companions have been removed—excepting of course Wayne, our hallowed flumph friend.

Also this year, we wanted to smooth out the probability curve, so we've changed the dice that are rolled to correspond to the Tier that is available so Tier 1 gets a d10, Tier 2 gets a d20, Tier 3 gets a d30, Tier 4 gets 2d20 (d40s being sadly a rarity), and Tier 5 gets a d50. Hopefully this gives us some nice variety in our rolls.

We hope you'll take advantage of all these options to keep our players on their toes!