Friday, December 2, 2016


We're just one week away, and over this week we're going to be releasing all kinds of info about this year's event. Today, we're very excited to announce that this year we will have prizes! There are a few ways to win prizes, so read on for more information.

Unfortunately, prizes will only be available to local participants; we aren't able to ship any. But if you're willing to come to The Wyvern's Tale, feel free to enter!

Every few hours, we'll conduct a raffle for a number of prizes:

8pm      D&D Dungeon Master Screen 
10pm    D&D Dungeon Master's Guide
10am    D&D Monster Manual
12pm    D&D Coloring Book
2pm     D&D Adventurer's League Magic Item Certificate (Unique to this event)
             1 free $50 Painting Service from Miniature Medics
4pm     A set of PolyHero Warrior Dice

Entry to these raffles will be a $5 donation per entry.

Additionally, anyone who donates a total of $25 or more throughout the event will get a free copy of Cloud Giant's Bargain, the exclusive adventure to the Acquisitions, Inc. live stream event! (While supplies last)

Finally, the player who lasts the longest in one continuous streak at the table will be awarded a brick of Storm King's Thunder miniatures boosters!

More excitement to come, stay tuned!