Monday, November 16, 2020

Dungeons & Donations 7: Giants in Quarantine

Hello! We emerge from our quarantined slumber to announce this year's Dungeons & Donations event! Due to the whole world being what it is right now, this event will be pretty different than past years. Rather than queue players up in the real world and see who can last the longest while an audience tries to kill them as quickly as possible, we will instead all be in our own homes, players and DM's rotating through in staggered shifts. This year, we're playing the module G-1-2-3 Against the Giants, updated for 5th Edition in Tales from the Yawning Portal

So where's the fun for the audience this year? Well, besides watching our fun adventures, the audience can still participate with some donations. If you like a particular player's antics, you can reward them with a donation. Donations will go into their "Boon Pool", which they can spend to get some in-game benefits. 

If you'd rather help out the bad guys, you can Adopt a Monster! Donate at least $5 and get an on-screen shout-out in the form of having one of the monsters or NPC's named after you. 

Adopt a Trap

Of course, Adopt a Trap is back! For a donation of $50 (made before December 1st) you can include a trap of your own design in this year's event! We are toning down the deadliness this year, so we suggest you go for frustration or amusement rather than a "murder blender" when designing your trap.

If you go to our Extra Life page and choose the Adopt a Trap donation, you can sign up to include your trap! Remember, after your donation, you'll have to email us (address given when making the donation) the details of your trap by December 1st! If we do not receive that email by that date, we cannot include your trap and we are unable to refund your donation.

We look forward to seeing your devious designs!

Stay Tuned!

So that's our info for now, we hope you can join us! But watch this space for more updates as we get closer to the event!