Monday, November 22, 2021

Announcing Dungeons & Donations 7.5!

 Hello everyone! This year, we are going to have an event, though it will unfortunately be more abridged than we would like. Due to the ongoing complications presented by the pandemic, we are not streaming a full 24 hours of a D&D tabletop roleplaying game. However, we will stream 12 hours of us playing a classic D&D computer game, Eye of the Beholder! It all starts at 12pm ET on December 18th!

We know this is probably not the event you'd hoped to tune in to see, and we hope to have such an event next year, but we hope it will be fun for you to tune in and watch us stumble our way through the dungeon beneath Waterdeep. There aren't any specific boons or banes this year, but we may accept audience challenges for certain donations if we can accommodate them, and we will of course give shout outs to all our donors.

We hope you can join us to help raise money for a great cause, and with any luck, we'll be back to form in 2022!