2015: The Keep on the Borderlands


When Acererak held ransom the children of the world, heroes throughout the land rose to the challenge and stormed his cursed tomb to rescue them. Many fell, but in the end, the foul demilich was slain and the children safe.

During their efforts, they were rewarded with a keep, far on the edges of civilized lands. Here, the children without homes were taken to grow in safety and happiness. All was well, years passed, and the keep now stands as a bastion of safety for children in need.

Now a new threat emerges. The forces of Chaos, ever-hateful of the keep's inhabitants, amass in the caves near the keep, united under the fiery banner of the dragon Varsthumandr. Studying the magic of the late demilich, Varsthumandr believes he can succeed where Acererak failed, and has kidnapped the children of the Keep. A challenge has been issued: submit to the will of the dragon, or the children suffer.

The rally cry has been issued throughout the land! Come to the Keep on the Borderlands, and assault the Caves of Chaos! For glory! For justice! For the Children!


Varsthumandr has been vanquished! The forces of Chaos have fled their Caves, which now fall into disuse. The children of the Keep are returned and the realm is a safer place...for now.