2016: The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan


The dragon Varsthumandr was vanquished and the borderlands remain safe from the threat of chaos. The Keep has grown and fluorished under the leadership of retired heroes. The original children have grown and many have become adventurers themselves. The Keep is known throughout the realm as a safe place for children in need.

But danger stirs in the south. In the Olman village of Tuacolo, the local children have been kidnapped by the evil priest Cualaraxl and taken to a long-forgotten shrine near the lost city of Tamoachan, where he threatens to sacrifice them to the Bat-God of Death, Camazotz. The evil ritual would give Camazotz dominion over the realm, with Cualaraxl as his mortal vassal.

A week past, an adventurer happened by the village, where the elders pleaded with him for his help. He could do little himself, but he rode post-haste to the Keep, where he knew heroes would be plentiful.

Once again, the Keep issues the call to all heroes throughout the land: assemble and march on Tamoachan to defeat the wicked Cualaraxl. For goodness! For the realm! For the children!


Cualaraxl was defeated atop his wretched shrine, and the children he captured returned safely to their village. All seems well in the south, and the heroes return to their Keep, ever vigilant of future danger...