FAQ (Hidden)

So what exactly are you doing?

We are playing D&D for 24 hours to raise money for Extra Life and Children's Miracle Network Hospitals!  Of course, to lighten the burden of everyone, we're doing it in shifts. Four Dungeon Masters in six-hour shifts and twelve players in eight-hour shifts. You can watch the whole thing on Twitch!

Donate to keep us going, and you can have some effect on the game.

Didn't you used to let people sign up to play?

That's true! All of our past events were held in-person at The Wyvern's Tale, and allowed people to donate to sign up to play. And we hope to one day again run our event like that. But this year, as with so many things, it's unsafe to hold an event with so many people in the same room at once. So we're doing it entirely remotely, with players assigned shifts ahead of time.

Do you still need players?

Unfortunately, due to the logistics of arranging an entirely remote event, we are unable to open sign-ups to the public at large, and will have all of our players set up already. We hope to be a public event again next year!

So why should I donate to your event specifically?

Great question! While we'd love for you to donate through our fundraiser to help us meet our goal, the truth is that any money donated to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, through any channel, does an enormous amount of good.

But here are some fun things you can do with a donation through us:
  • $5+ Adopt a Monster: We'll name one of the current or upcoming monsters after you or a name you choose (we reserve the right to not use a name that we find offensive).
    • $5 Minion or low level monster
    • $25 Heavy or mid level monster
    • $100 Big Bad Evil Guy or major threat
  • $ Any: Sponsor a player. With your donation message, specify a current player (or one you know will be playing later), and we'll give them an equivalent amount of gold pieces they can use to buy boons for themselves or others in the party. Reward your favorite players!

Didn't there used to be banes you could inflict on players?

Yep! That's one of our favorite parts of Dungeons & Donations. In past events, we would have a queue of players waiting to play, and would encourage viewers to donate to inflict deadly banes on the players, keeping the queue moving and the player pool rotating. However, given that our player times this year are fixed, there's less reason to encourage cycling through them, so the deadliness of this year's event is turned down considerably. But if you're more interested in being a menace to our players, we recommend the Adopt a Monster option!

How do I donate?

You can donate by visiting our Extra Life page here! Be sure to choose the option you want for your donation:

  • Sponsor a Player: Add money to a player's Boon Pool to help their cause (be sure to specify which player)
  • Adopt a Monster: We'll name a monster after either your real name or your username (we reserve the right to not use any name we find offensive or controversial)

Can I donate with cash?

No. Because our event is entirely online this year, we will only be taking donations through our Extra Life page.