How do I sign up? Can I do it now?

You can sign up the day of by arriving at The Wyvern's Tale and donating $5 to get on the list. As soon as a spot is open, you can join the table.

How do I donate?

You can donate by visiting our Extra Life page here! Be sure to specify the reason:

  • Signing up
  • For the Kids: A roll from the Boon Deck
  • For the Foe: A roll from the Bane Deck
  • Your choice of an item from the Boon or Bane Table. (Requires a specific amount and the item's tier must be unlocked—be sure to check the peril level!)
  • Raise dead (to revive a fallen character—tell us who you're reviving,)

24 Hours?! I can't game that long!

Don't worry—you don't have to. The viewers may be pretty cruel with donating for Bane rolls, and even if you do manage to survive, you're welcome to leave whenever you must. The next person will simply take your place. But if you're able to set a record, we'll be very impressed indeed!

Can I donate with cash?

We can take cash on-site during the marathon.

What happens when I die?

This is covered pretty thoroughly under the rules, but basically you're going to have donate some more to keep playing, one way or another. 

What's a Boon Draw (or Bane Draw)?
A Boon Roll is a roll made from the Boon Deck, which means something good happens to aid the players. A Bane Draw is made from the Bane Deck, which means something bad happens to the hinder the players. Boons are obviously nicer, but Banes are usually much more fun! The items available from the decks are based on the current Peril Level.

What's the Peril Level?
The Peril Level is a measure of how dire things are for the players, and it is based on how many players are in queue to join the game, like so:

Players in Queue
Peril Level
1 Troubling
2. Formidable
3. Dangerous
4. Perilous
5. Lethal
So how does that affect Boons and Banes again?
Basically, the higher the Peril Level, the more deadly the Banes you can get and the less helpful Boons you can get, and vice versa.