From 6pm, December 7th to 6pm, December 8th, we'll be running a 24-hour live Twitch stream of heroes trekking through the classic adventure module Expedition to the Barrier Peaks. Players can come to The Wyvern's Tale at any time during those hours to get in on the game. $5 gets you on the list, and as soon as someone dies you get moved up to the table.

Viewers will have the option of making donations as well, and a donation of $5 allows them to alter something in the game. A donation made For the Kids will get a roll on the Boon Table. A donation made For the Foe will get a roll on the Bane Table. Alternatively, viewers can pay more to choose a specific result based on how high the result is.  

If a player's character dies they (or a benevolent viewer) can pay $5 to have their character instantly raised from the dead. After the first raise, this cost doubles each time (e.g., the second raise is $10, the third is $20, and so on). If they wish to play again with a different character, they may once again pay $5 to join the bottom of the queue. 

Dungeon Masters will rotate throughout the 24 hours, and each will be keen to prove how many adventurers they can fell within the perilous mountain!


  • $5 will get a player on the list to play
  • The $5 donation must be made before a player will be signed up
  • When a character dies, their spot opens up and the next player on the list joins the table.
  • Before yielding their spot, a player whose character has died may raise them for an additional $5
  • The cost to raise from death doubles each subsequent raise
  • This cost may be paid for in whole or part by viewers.
  • When the player's turn to join the game comes up, they must be on the premises and to the table within minutes or they will be skipped
  • Players may leave the table for a few minutes, but if they do not return quickly, they will lose their seat.
  • Players should not metagame or exploit external knowledge. Metagaming will be met with swift creative reprisal by the Dungeon Master.
  • As a caveat to the above rule, players may consult or informally poll the audience of viewers. The audience is under no obligation to be truthful to the players.


  • Viewers of the audience may make a donation of at least $5 to have a roll made on the Boon or Bane tables
  • Donors should specify they would like a boon roll or a bane roll.
  • Alternatively, donors may pay $10, $20, $50, $80, or $150 to choose an item from a table, based on the tier the item is in.
  • Donors may only choose tiers that are currently available based on the current peril level.
  • If an item is chosen that is not currently available, we will roll an appropriate number of times instead.
  • Donations made to raise dead do not get a roll on the table

Dungeon Masters

  • Dungeon Masters have considerable license to make decisions on rules adjudication and adding challenge to keep adventurers on their toes
  • DMs may leave, briefly, for water or to use the restroom
  • DMs will pull no punches and will bring to bear the full might of evil treachery.
But most importantly, have fun! This is a game, and we're here to enjoy it, and raise money to help kids. So your wizard got squished into bits. Who cares? You helped make a difference!