Players will rotate through in staggered 8-hour shifts.

Viewers will have the option of making donations, either to benefit a specific player or to name a monster in the game.

Donations made to sponsor a player will be converted to gold pieces ($1 = 1gp) and go into a Boon Pool specifically for that player, who can then use that pool to purchase boons from our Boon menu.

Boons have the following rules:
  • Except where otherwise specified, purchasing a boon takes an Action
  • The effect of a boon is used instantaneously. E.g. purchasing a Potion of Healing means you instantly regain 2d4+2 hit points. Players cannot spend downtime "stocking up" on potions to use later. Same for scrolls, ointments, or other effects.
  • A player may purchase a boon for the benefit of another player, but it must be done on the purchasing player's turn and cost the purchasing player's action. E.g. Brom is low on hit points and has no money in their boon pool, and Celaine wants to heal him. On Celaine's turn, she spends her action and 10 gp from her pool to give Brom the benefit of a Potion of Greater Healing, which instantly restores 4d4+4 hit points to Brom.
  • Players may not transfer money from their pool to another player's, nor may players combine their pools to purchase a bigger boon
  • Players may make donations to their own pool at any time (using the donation page like any other donor)
  • Players may make donations to another player's pool at any time (using the donation page like any other donor)
  • Players may (and are encouraged to) solicit donations from the audience

Boon Menu:
Effect/ItemPrice (gp)Action
Potion of Climbing5Action
Potion of Healing 2d4+25Action
Potion of Greater Healing 4d4+410Action
Potion of Superior Healing 8d4+815Action
Potion of Supreme Healing 10d4+2020Action
Death Save Free Success10Full Round
Death Save Auto 2020Full Round
Potion of Flying20Action
Potion of Speed20Action
Potion of Heroism15Action
Dust of Disappearance10Action
Keoghtom's Ointment 1 dose10Action
Elixir of Health15Action
Chime of Opening 1 use10Action
Potion of Fire Giant Strength (STR 25)15Action
Scroll of Feather Fall5Reaction
Scroll of Leomund's Tiny Hut10Action
Scroll of Polymorph15Action
Scroll of Disintegrate 10d6+4030Action