The Team

Dungeons & Donations is made possible by many dedicated and passionate volunteers, many of whom are never seen on screen. But know that all these people are what's keeping it on the air!

Dusk Patrol
Dusk Patrol is our first shift, running things 6pm-2am

Scott Dillin, Dungeon Master 6pm-10pm
Kevin Heuer, Dungeon Master 10pm-2am

Steven Anthony, Captain, Broadcast Controller,
and Chief Software Engineer

Ryan Pink, Communications Monitor

Tyler Hildebran, Cartographer

Chris Schiotz, Registration

Emmy Anthony, Registration and Set Design

Moonwatch takes the night shift, 2am-10am

Jason Woolbert, Dungeon Master 2am-6am
Nick Laney, Dungeon Master 6am-10am

Deklan Green, Captain, Broadcast Controller,
and Director of Dungeons & Donations

Micah Briarwood, Communications Monitor

Nirvana Briarwood, Cartographer and Prop Design

Zac Hines, Registration

Mike Hargis, Registration

Finishing things up for us is Sunguard at 10am-6pm

Eric Jeffries, Dungeon Master 10am-2pm
Daniel Henson, Dungeon Master 2pm-6pm

Brett Hargis, Captain, Registration,
and Set Design

Jess Jacob, Broadcast Controller

Galen Fiore, Communications Monitor

Michael Jones, Cartographer